All Weather Furniture

All Weather Outdoor Furniture

You would think that when purchasing all weather outdoor furniture, it really does what is says on the tin - be an outdoor setting that can manage all weathers and stay outside permanently.

Unfortunately, we have had many customers recalling stories of their experiences having bought from stores whom advertise such claims. Customers, about to skip out of the door and the sales assistant would shout 'but don't forget to bring the cushions in!' This is all too common from companies selling all weather outdoor furniture Sydney.

Given Australia's climate and extreme weather conditions, its really only fair that all weather outdoor furniture in Sydney is made of materials that will withstand such continual extremes and last for the duration the manufacturer suggests.

Osier Belle has put away many months of research and investigation to create all weather outdoor furniture Sydney that can be confidently left outside in all the elements and be managed with ease.

The task was not easy. The final products selected were expensive and difficult to import from their origin. However, it was critical each ingredient was durable, hard-wearing and long lasting.

Made using only the best materials found worldwide, Osier Belle has carefully designed and manufactured their collection with precision and attention to detail. As a result, the Osier Belle premium range is now available at their Seaforth store, located on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Osier Belle now proudly fulfills these very claims.

The entire all weather outdoor furniture range has been hand woven and put through rigorous testing in their boutique factory based in Cirebon, West Java. When you visit Osier Belle's store, you can be rest assured that their furniture is truly 'all weather outdoor furniture'. There friendly staff will also talk you through the advantages of the quality materials used.

Of course, as with everything, the more you look after something the longer it will last.

Osier Belle does recommend you move your all weather outdoor furniture setting out of extreme temperatures and also regularly check for water pooling on cushions. A monthly check and clean like this will keep it in good condition for the lifetime promised.

As much as we would love to produce furniture that magically looks after itself regardless of the severity of conditions, there is a duty of care required by the owner to responsibly take care of this all weather outdoor furniture Sydney range we have passionately created for our customers all over Australia.